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Izitrade EntryScanner


Izitrade EntryScanner is a Stochastic Oscillator-based indicator with dynamic overbought and oversold levels for finding market entry points.

The indicator is perfect for trading on currency pairs, metals and when working with binary options.

In the case of a reverse crossing of the overbought or oversold level, an arrow appears on the chart and an alert appears. You can configure push notifications and e-mail notifications. A sample of the signals and the principle of operation can be seen in the screenshots.

The indicator is designed to help with manual trading. Do not forget to set a stop loss in the profit zone after opening trades on the signal.

  • Alert – enable or disable the Alert. If true-enabled, false-disabled.
  • Email enables or disables sending messages to email. If true-enabled, false-disabled.
  • Push enables, disables sending messages to the mobile phone. If true-enabled, false-disabled.
  • Arrow size – the size of the arrows on the chart.
  • Buy – the color of the buy arrows.
  • Sell – the color of the arrows for sale.
  • Stoch K period– the period for calculating the %K line of the oscillator.
  • Stoch D period – the averaging period for calculating the %D line of the oscillator.
  • Slowing – setting the oscillator. Deceleration value.
  • Method – method for calculating the moving average. 
  • Line Mode – the line for building the indicator.

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