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The mechanism is exactly the same as the free version, except for a huge number of additional support settings that will help you curb the martingale system. Unlike the free version, this Expert Advisor will not allow you to drain the entire deposit at once, and in general, with the correct settings, it will not be possible to drain it). You can even start with$100.

There is a feature of testing Jast Martingale, in MT4 on the data provided by the terminal, tick data is processed with an error, so testing in the MT4 strategy tester will not give you a real picture, I recommend using third-party tick data or testing on a demo account.

Currency pairs – any with high volatility, timeframe m1, decimal places – 5.

A demonstration of a real account under the control of this Expert Advisor is here

Telegram Channel


A more detailed and up-to-date description of the settings is here

  • Lots – order lot (if the LarryWilliamsMethod parameter = true, this parameter is ignored)
  • LarryWilliamsMethod – use the money management method (if = true, the value of the Lots parameter is ignored)
  • Lwrisk-risk percentage, recommended from 5% to 20%
  • Lwpart – the part of the deposit for which the lot will be calculated
  • Only_BUY-the ability to open trades only on the Buy signal (In this case, hedging will work)
  • Only_SELL-the ability to open trades only on the Sell signal (In this case, hedging will work)
  • maxStartLots – the maximum allowed lot of the first order of the series
  • MaxLots – the maximum allowed order lot
  • MaxOrders – the maximum number of orders in the series
  • TakeProfit – take profit in points
  • StopLoss-stop loss in points (if the value is = 0, the stop loss will not be set)
  • The VirtualTP Expert puts up a virtual take profit
  • Multiplier-martingale multiplier
  • Step – the step of placing the next order
  • MultiplierStep-multiplier of the Step parameter
  • Slippage – slippage
  • Spread – the spread at which the Expert Advisor will work
  • Magic – a magic number
  • Comment – comment for orders
  • StartHour – trading start time
  • EndHour – trading end time
  • speedOpen – The rate of price change for opening an order
  • powerOfMovement– price difference for the last countTickTrend ticks for opening an order
  • countTickForSpeed– the number of ticks to determine the rate of price change
  • countTickForPower– the number of ticks to determine the strength of the price direction
  • Lock-enables locking
  • Order No – the number of orders in the series at which the locking starts working (values 1 and 2 are identical)
  • MultiplierLockLots – multiplier of the lot of the first position for protective orders
  • MultiplierTP – multiplier of the take profit of protective orders
  • Enable_Save_Deposit — if this parameter = true and the Drawdown_In_The_Currency and Drawdown_In_The_Percent parameters are zero, the security logic is enabled
  • Drawdown_In_The_Percent – fixing losses in case of drawdown as a percentage of the deposit
  • Drawdown_In_The_Currency – fixing losses during drawdown in currency units from the deposit
  • DepositProfitStop – the amount you are aiming for
  • DepositLoseStop – the amount that you do not want to lose in any way
  • StopTrading – true, stops the Expert Advisor when the Drawdown_In_The_Percent or Drawdown_In_The_Currency values are reached
  • EveryDayCloseOrders-closes orders every day at the specified time (CloseHour-hour, CloseMinute-minutes)
  • FridayTradeOff-true stops trading on Friday, false all parameters in the FridayOff section will become inactive
  • HourEndFriday – the time when trading stops on Friday
  • CloseAllOrdersInFriday – if true and FridayTradeOff = true, then all open orders will be closed at the set time on Friday, if false, and FridayTradeOff = true, then a new series of orders will not open
  • MondayTradeOn-will start trading on Monday at the specified time (HourStartMonday – the start time of trading on Monday)
  • On_News_Filter-enabling the news filter
  • BeforeNewsStop – time in minutes before the news release
  • Afterewsstop – time in minutes after the news release

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