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There are 3 copies left at the price of $299. The next price is $499

My name is Evgeny Aksenov. I have been developing indicators, Expert Advisors and utilities for Meta Trader 4 and 5 since 2004

With experience comes an understanding of the basic concept of successful trading – mathematical predictability of trading results

Too complex robots for trading do not guarantee greater reliability, since they have many parameters that affect trading at a given time, and it is difficult for most traders to understand all the subtleties of configuring these robots

When creating the Joker Expert Advisor, my team and I tried to implement a mathematical advantage of profit over loss for the most liquid EURUSD pair with the H1 timeframe and reduce the number of settings to a minimum. The second important task was to reduce the minimum initial deposit to $ 100-1000. This is the most comfortable amount for most traders

The next point in the implementation of the Joker project is a fast return on investment capital and a high increase in the profitability of the expert

It’s no secret that forex trading involves great risks. Periodically, “Black swans” arrive, such unpredictable news occurs on the market that it completely drains the trader’s capital. Many will say that the less risk there is on a trade, the less risk there is of losing capital, but the income from such a conservative trade will be significantly less. Therefore, if the risk of losing investment capital is unacceptable for you, perhaps forex trading is not for you. Consider less risky investments (real estate, bank deposits or buying gold bars)

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A full and objective assessment requires at least one month. The robot may not open transactions for several days, waiting for the right moment

Signal monitoring: here

  • Fully automatic trading
  • Trading one lot
  • The order always has a Stop Loss and Take Profit 
  • Trading is conducted according to the trend
  • If the transaction was closed with a loss, the subsequent transaction is able to compensate for it 
  • The Joker Expert Advisor is very easy to set up and install and is suitable for both experienced raiders and beginners
  • The functionality of the Expert Advisor does not overload the terminal and is suitable for VPS with a low level of resources
  • It is suitable for any type of accounts and complies with the FIFO rules for brokers in Canada and the USA

The Joker trading system works best on trend areas, so it is combined with our other strategies based on a Grid system of placing orders, since those Expert Advisors trade better in flat (when the market fluctuates returning to previous values) 

To configure the Expert Advisor, you only need to switch the Lot Type = Auto modeso that the lot size increases in proportion to the amount of capital. There is no need to increase the risk or change the Balance Step for any size of the initial deposit

This Expert Advisor does not contain a part of the code that restricts trading on any pairs, but we recommend using it only on the EURUSD H1 pair

The Expert Advisor was optimized on Roboforex tick quotes since 2017
We do not use data forgery or other frauds to embellish his work like other sellers

Signal transmission on a real account:  Joker EA

Be sure to withdraw the received profit as soon as the ADVISER doubles the capital. From now on, you will not lose your investment

You can check the work of the Expert Advisor on tick data by reverse testing

Our recommendations for Money Management:

The first doubling of the capital – we withdraw an amount equal to the initial deposit amount (your live money)

or we withdraw the profit each time with a positive transaction, leaving the account equal to the initial capital

After the second doubling of the doubling of the capital, we also withdraw the amount equal to the initial investment and save it outside the trading account as reserve capital

Subsequent trading is conducted with a periodic withdrawal of capital. In case of adverse events in the market, you have a reserve amount to restore trading 


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