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The Expert Advisor tries to connect to a fast moving price with another protection option

Works best on a fast-changing environment
market price and news release with any trading symbol

Works with any deposit, large or small

with the
signal settings, you can create a different set for any symbol, this does not affect trades that are placed manually or
automatically, it can be used on the same terminal with different symbols.

can be used as a semi-automatic
a bot for scalping any news with low, medium, or high impact.

Note: – Past performance is not a guarantee of
future profitability (the EA may also incur losses).

its MT5 .. Feel free to optimize with Slippage, distribute,
real ticks e. t. c ….

For more information, feel free to contact me.

Telegram: –

Good luck!!

Expert Advisor parameters

    Magic —- MagicNumber = OrderID = 1,2,3, etc.
MagicNumber -the magic number.
    TimeFilter – – – – Time to start and stop trading.
Use_Time – True or False.
    StartTrade – time to start trading.
    EndTrade – time to stop
    Signal – – – – Signal settings.
    Signal – input signal.
Deviation-signal setting.
    Speed-The time of the signal.
    Money_Management – if set to false, it will be
a fixed lot is used.
    Use_AutoMM – True or False.
    RiskPercent – the percentage of risk on the account.
calculated in the free margin.
    FixedLot – Fixed Lot, if “Use_AutoMM” is disabled.
— Order settings.
    MaxPendingOrders – maximum number of pending orders
MaxOpenTrades – maximum number of open orders
    MaxLongTrades – maximum buy orders
    MaxShortTrades –
Maximum sell orders
    Order_Type – Order Type
    Stop_Order-setting a stop order
Distance – the distance of the pending order
    Auto Delete – automatic deletion of pending orders
PendingOrder Expiration-minutes of the pending order expiration
    TakeProfit – fixed take profit.
StopLoss – fixed stop loss.
    Opposite_Delete – opposite deletions of pending orders based on new signals
Opposite_Close-opposite to closing open orders on new signals
    Use_AutoStopLoss – automatic stop loss for
automatic closing of an open order, which takes effect only if the trailing stop or breakeven has not started.
Auto_Stoploss-rejection of the Autostoploss signal
    TrailingStop – trailing stop.
    TrailingStep –
The trailing step.
    Use_Breakeven – profit blocking option.
    Break-even – profit blocking
MaxSpread – The maximum spread, if it is equal to or higher. The Expert Advisor does not place orders.
    Slippage-The Slippage Broker.

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