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The “only copier” utility is designed to replicate trades without any complicated settings. trades may be reproduced to the same computer.

One application can be put up as the provider of transactions (master) or the recipient of transactions. The lot size on the recipient can be set with a coefficient.

Any kind of backup can be obtained.

MT4 –> MT5

MT4 –> MT4

MT5 –> MT5

MT5 –> MT4

should you want to replicate MT4 –> MT5 or MT5 — > > MT4 ,

individually purchase” only copier “for MT4 and” Just copier ” for MT5.

The just copier utility does not copy pending orders, stop loss and take profit.


In receive mode, the copier uses the comment field and magic number to distinguish between copied transactions.

Therefore, these fields cannot be changed.

Parameters for the transaction provider and recipient:

  • Working mode-copy mode: master (signal provider) or slave (receiver of transactions).
  • Multiply-copy trades with an increased lot using the specified coefficient.
  • Copy ID – unique identifier of the signal provider.
  • Timer ( in seconds) – timer for copying an operation in seconds. The longer the period, the lower the load on the terminal.
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