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one of the many tools of technical investigation of the Forex market
wave analysis is essential. anyhow, as it pertains to
When it comes to cost changes over time, we’re dealing with waves. Elliott
he claimed that waves have been shaped in accordance with the principle of fractality, on what and
I built my own system. based on the identical principle, the indicator for MT5 only
Waves highlights waves of different degrees on the chart (up to eight wave levels
levels) and creates graphic lines indicating their beginning and end.

Just Waves
It offers an objective notion of the wave, consequently opening up the widest possible possibilities.
opportunities not only for traders, but also for programmers,
developers of trading systems and analysis systems. This indicator
it was created with the aim of helping people to get rid of as much as possible
routine actions that the robot is able to do, and concentrate
focus on decision-making.

  • Level – number of wave levels (0-7)
  • fixedtimeframe: – true: waves are drawn based on a fixed timeframe 
                                – false: waves are drawn based on the current timeframe
  • TF – select a fixed timeframe
  • deledewaves: – false: waves are not removed from the chart after deinitialization 
                           – true: waves are removed from the chart after deinitialization
  • wavename – the name of the wave (by default, Wave)
  • lastbars – the number of bars to calculate (used to save resources). The parameter is ignored if its value is 0 or the vline parameter is enabled
  • vline-if true, the indicator starts building with a bar that has a vertical line
  • vlinename – name of the vertical line (default “1”)
  • testerstart – the date on which the indicator will build a vertical line in the strategy tester, if the vline parameter is enabled
  • selectablewaves – control the selection of waves by click
  • wavesonbackground-controls the display of waves in the background
  • You can also adjust the color and width of the wave lines in the indicator

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