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Kijun Sen and 1 Envelope


This indicator draws:

  • 1 Kijun Sen line 1 Envelopes indicator 3 price tags

The Kijun Sen line, the Envelopes indicator, and the price tags can be hidden if necessary. 

The Envelopes indicators can be used to determine:

  • Price fluctuation range;
  • The Overbought Level;
  • The oversold level;
  • Take profit level;
  • Stop loss level.

All changes to the parameters can be saved permanently and then used using the “Save” and “Load” buttons on the “Parameters” tab.

The Colors tab allows you to temporarily change the appearance of the indicator until the chart closes or the timeframe changes. You can save these settings by creating a template.

By default, Kijun Sen is set to the traditional period of 26, which is optimized for the daily timeframe. For lower timeframes, you need to make the appropriate adjustment.

For lower timeframes, the Kijun Sen period can be increased to 34, 50, 100, etc., and the deviation value for Envelopes can be reduced.

  • Kijun Sen Period-Kijun Sen Period (26);
  • Envelope Deviation-Envelope deviation (4000);
  • Kijun Sen and Label Color – the color of Kijun Sen and the price tag (DodgerBlue);
  • Envelopes Upper Band and Label Color – the color of the upper line of the Envelopes and the price label (Lime);
  • Envelopes Lower Band and Label Color – the color of the lower line of the Envelopes and the price label (Red);
  • Kijun Sen Width – Kijun Sen Thickness (3);
  • Envelope Width – the thickness of the Envelope (1);
  • Kijun Sen Style-Kijun Sen Style (Solid);
  • Envelope Style – the Envelope style (Solid);
  • Label Font Type-font for price tags (Franklin Gothic Medium);
  • Label Font Size – the font size for price tags (12);
  • Show Kijun Sen – show Kijun Sen (true);
  • Show Envelope – show Envelope (true);
  • Show Labels – show price labels (true).
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