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King Ai Box Breakout Push


The brand new trading indicator using the box breakout strategy is presented by KING.Ai. This indicator with four-mode alerts is developed by KING.Ai ONLY. It is probably impossible that you could find a box breakout indicator like this one. It is very difficult for you to trade with the box breakout strategy as there is limited time for traders to monitor every currency. However, the box breakout strategy is very profitable. It is because when the price breaks the box, the trend will go further down/up, even can reach a total of 300 to 1000 pips profit. Due to the profit attractiveness, forex traders are very likely to include the box breakout as one of their strategies for technical analysis in FX trading. However, as mentioned above, the monitoring of every currency charts had become the largest constraint. Here, KING.Ai is presenting the solution for that. A “Push Notification” will alert you whenever the price breaks the box in your selected currencies. You can monitor all the currency charts and set the price to trade. You will never miss a box breakout under the currency you want to monitor. There are four alert modes of this indicator. 
You could switch on/off the mobile notification separately for the following Four modes according to your own needs. 

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  1. First mode- open box mode: Every time when the box is formed, push notification will be sent to alert traders automatically. The message will show the box up and box bottom prices. Traders can set the entry price accordingly.
  2. Second mode – cross mode: When a candle crosses the top or bottom green line, a push notification will be sent. The message will show the breakout price. In this situation, you can start opening order immediately after your own analysis.
  3. Third mode –close mode: If the candle moves close to the top or bottom line, a push notification will be sent. You can even set how many pips above/below the hitting price the notification to be sent, eg 50 pips.
  4. Fourth mode – pull back mode: when the price breaks though the box more than 100 pips and less than 250 pips, plus it touches the green line again, a notification will be sent with the pull back price. It is a strategy for trading the second pull back among the box breaking strategies, with a high chance that it will make a breakthrough again. 
For the Setting, you are reminded two important points:
  1. Close Distance field means the distance to alert you before breakout. You can put 5.0 (50 pips) or any distance you want.
  2. Lower limit and upper limit field mean the range of pull back. For example, the setting of lower limit 10.0 and upper limit 25.0 represent the price will go out of the box at least 100 pips after breaking out but not more than 250 pips before it pulling back and touching the breakout line again.

Teaching material for box breakout could be found online. You may also refer to the graphic illustration below. 

  1. Stop loss value is recommended to be the vertical distance of the box.
  2. Take Profit target is suggested to set 1 or 1.5 times of the Stop loss value.
  3. You can set any buy/sell limit/stop values to obtain the following results: 1. wait for breakout (open box mode) 2. Instant trade (cross mode) 3. wait for breakout (close mode) 4. wait for pull-back (pull back mode).

Teaching material for box breakout could be found online. You may also refer to the graphic illustration below. 

Please do not use this indicator solely. You are recommended to integrate all your technical skills to determine the side of breakout, upward or downward, with trend analysis.
A Forex trader must not miss this indicator. The four-mode alerts with push notifications of this indicator is developed by KING.Ai. You can only find it here. Don’t miss the chance! 
If you need other indicators to complement your strategy, please visit our store. The combined use of multiple indicators, which can be found in our store, is highly recommended for risk diversification and profit maximization.
Each indicator does not promise success or winning in every single trade. Customer needs to bear their own risk. Our store is not responsible for any customers’ loss in trade.


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