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4X Lab allows you to control the chart, alerts, and orders. Manage your trading intuitively, easily and accurately. Place orders using four unique methods, in accordance with the risk management rules.

Are you annoyed by Expert Advisor panels that sometimes take up half of the chart? Too much redundant information? A large amount of extra data on the chart can cause sensory overload. As a result, you risk missing the really important visual warnings! 4X Lab allows you to set orders and manage them easily and intuitively, using its unique features. The product offers maximum efficiency with a minimum of visual tools on the chart.

4X Lab accelerates and simplifies the management of a large number of orders with stop loss/take profit levels, increasing the effectiveness of trading. Risk management reduces the risk when placing orders! Alerts with 70 types of audio accompaniment (depending on the type of alert and symbol) make it easy to navigate the charts. Breakout alerts of the lower / upper price level and audio alerts for each trend line on the chart in the price range.

4X Lab can also work with your trading robot or signal provider. Effective order management reduces risk. You can even disable the installation of SL and TP in your robot. And then, if the robot sets orders in accordance with the entry and exit rules, 4X Lab will be able to manage orders by setting a stop loss, take profit, breakeven, breakeven, taking into account the minimum profit or commission, trailing stop, partial profit fixing at the levels of BE or BE2, TP1, TP2, SL2 (for example, for a trailing stop), or closing all open orders at the tops and bottoms using the CAOO trend line. 4X Lab allows you to partially fix profits using hot keys Ctrl 1/2/3 or by closing all market orders with the Ctrl hotkey4. 70 different audio alerts allow 4X Lab to inform you about what is happening on your charts. 4X Lab takes screenshots when closing (full or partial) or deleting orders. The chart is not cluttered with a large number of order lines that overlap your analytical tools. Perhaps there are some other features of the product that I forgot to mention.

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You can buy this product at a price even lower than one stop loss of a professional trader.

Since the program is large, has many useful features, and the full description exceeds 31,000 characters compared to the 3600 allowed here, you will find a link to the full description in my profile. Audio files are not included in the product, you can use your own audio files. If you give the product 5 stars, you will get a background image and 70 audio files for alerts for the most important symbols, including silver and gold for different types of breakouts (upper, lower levels, trend line). Examples of sounds and backgrounds are available on my website. By rating the product 5 stars, you motivate me to develop this application and adapt it to your needs.

The KL prefix before the 4X Lab name makes it easier to find my products. If you have any questions or suggestions, please email me.

Product keywords: transaction manager, order manager, risk manager, risk management, money management, sound signals.


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