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KL Chart Auto Focus


If the price is in the upper or lower part of the chart for a long time, your stop levels, as well as support and resistance levels, may be outside the visible part of the chart, which makes it difficult to view and manage them.

KL Chart Auto Focus shifts the current price to the middle of the chart and allows you to move the chart vertically with the mouse.

When restarting KL Chart Auto Focus, the original appearance will be restored.

Each subsequent launch of KL Chart Auto Focus replaces the previous chart settings. For a simple start, I recommend using hot keys, for example, Alt F.

This is a very useful tool that I personally have been using for quite a long time.


KL Chart Auto Focus enables / disables vertical scaling of the chart, sets the price in the middle of the chart and aligns the size of the candles according to the timeframe and the size of the chart window. These properties are very useful if the stop order lines are out of sight.

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