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The indicator works like a script and shows a crosshair on all charts with any symbol. It can be used to compare price levels and time periods on all charts with a single currency pair, or to compare candlesticks in terms of time periods on charts with any symbols. You can also compare different types of charts, such as a regular chart with tick charts or range bar charts. The indicator can be easily installed on the chart via the Navigator menu or by using the Ctrl F hot keys, which must be set manually. Moreover, you can use the mouse button as a keyboard shortcut if your mouse supports this function. When you press the Escape key, the indicator is removed from all charts and therefore does not load the processor.

  • Initially, the indicator continuously shows crosshairs on all charts with any symbol.
  • On the first click, it will set another crosshair and continuously draw lines between them, showing the distance in pips and the distance of the period. Unlike the standard MT4 crosshair, you can scroll the chart during measurements. The line shows trends, and two crosshairs indicate consolidations, their duration and price range.
  • On the second click, the additional crosshair and line are removed from all charts.
  • When you press the Escape key, the indicator is removed from all charts.
  • The colors of the crosshairs on the charts match the colors of the foreground, so you can easily see them.
  • When you press the middle mouse button, you can see the KL crosshair and MT4 crosshair at the same time.
  • Among other things, you can change the color of the main crosshair and the line style to improve the perception. The indicator also displays more accurate calculations.

More accurate calculations mean using current calculations, rather than the latest known ones. KL Multi Crosshair cannot be used multiple times on the same chart. Since it is an indicator, you always need to confirm it with the OK (Enter) button before starting. If you use Logitech setpoint, which is described on my website, you can learn how to assign hotkeys Ctr F and Esc to mouse buttons, which only works in the MT4 terminal (a feature of MT4). Feedback is welcome. If you have given the indicator a maximum rating of 5 stars, please contact me and I will explain how to change the bonus settings. Additional free bonus settings and features will be included in all my new products and updates to them. If you want to know how they are enabled or how to access them, just give a maximum rating of 5 stars and contact me.

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01 October 2015


09 September 2019

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andaja January 19, 2021 12:02 pm

Sehr gutes Tool. Möchte ich nicht drauf verzichten.
Verträgt sich aber nicht mit jedem Indikator. Hängt sich dann auf.

Mieczyslaw Kraszewski January 19, 2021 11:59 am

Useful tool which enables to quckly find same time period on all charts simultaneusly.

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