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KLEO INDICATOR SET-consists of two channels. The first is an upgraded Price Channel (a channel built on the highs/lows of prices for a given period) with the ability to independently shift the upper and lower levels, highlight the minimum and maximum price ranges, and display the breakdown moments. The second one is a channel consisting of fixed levels built relative to the opening price of a given hour with the ability to display your working time.   



  1. The numbers in parentheses are the color number in the color set (input parameters window, Colors tab). By default, the colors are selected for the black and white color scheme of the chart.
  2. All input parameters must be set for the dimension of 4 characters. Recalculation for 5-digit quotes is performed automatically.
  3. The second channel is based on the charts of the H1 period and smaller ones.


  • We are waiting for the start of working hours.
  • We are waiting for the first breakdown of the levels of the channel UPDATING PRICE CHANNELL. The first breakdown is considered “false”.
  • At the beginning of the next hour, we set pending orders at the channel levels.
  • The order is set for a breakoutif the corresponding level of the UPDATING PRICE CHANNEL is inside the FIXED LEVELSchannel, or for a reboundif the level of the UPDATING PRICE CHANNEL is behind the corresponding High level or Low level. You can use additional conditions to determine the direction of placing orders.
  • We are waiting for the response.
  • If no orders were triggered during the current hour, at the beginning of the next hour, we move the orders to the newly formed channel levels. And so every hour.
  • We are waiting for the response.
  • If the trigger has not occurred for a certain number of hours, we consider the “false” breakout obsolete, and remove the orders. (the” lifetime ” of the breakdown is determined experimentally.)
  • We are waiting for the next “false” breakdown.
  • And so on.
  • If the position is opened, we remove the opposite order.
  • Open the position as you like best. For example, a stop can be placed on the opposite level (if the order was triggered on a breakout).

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  1. During operation, we take into account the range of price movement. If it is less than Min delta or more than Max delta, we do not take into account the breakouts of the levels and do not open positions.
  2. By default, the indicator input parameters are set for the GBPUSD currency pair and the H1 chart period. 


№1. Fixed levels are not displayed during non-working hours, as the set color (0) matches the background color of the chart. When the price range is greater than Max delta, the levels are displayed in yellow. Breakout points are indicated by black icons.

#2. Channel line breaks UPDATING PRICE CHANNEL – the price range is greater than Max delta. Work around the clock.

№3. Only FIXED LEVELS (Bars0).

№4. Only UPDATING PRICE CHANNEL (High level =0, Low level =0).

Currently, the multi-currency multi-system expert advisor KLEO SYSTEM SET is being prepared for release, which, along with various combinations of conditions for entering a trade, also contains the system described above.

It also includes:

  • various methods of maintaining and closing positions (including two types of trailing),
  • four capital management systems (including Martingale for lovers),
  • filtering system for unprofitable transactions,
  • the method of accelerated exit from “drawdowns”, etc.

It allows you to make both a limited number of transactions per day, and to conduct constant round-the-clock trading. Supports semi-automatic trading-conducting trades opened manually according to the conditions set by the Expert Advisor parameters. It has a lot of built-in checks, which allows you to work more confidently in real trading mode.

Follow the new publications in the Market!

I wish you all successful trading!


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