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Koala Price Action Scanner


Koala Price Action Scanner Introduction:
Annotation :

This indicator is a multi-currency and multi-time frame scanner that can detect some price action patterns and display them as a signal in the scanner table.
Description :

Welcome to the new product Koala, it is a price action scanner that can detect price action patterns for multicurrency in multiple time frames.

The user can select the template type from the drop-down menu. Now we have 3 templates in the list, no doubt this list will be improved in the next versions, these three templates:

    Takeover Pattern
    PinBar Template
    Doji Template

There are some input settings that allow the user to influence the quality of the patterns, here I will explain how the user can change the effective settings:
Effective adjustment of the absorption model:

    Candle with a minimum body size of 2: the user can configure how many pips should be the minimum body size of candle # 2 (means the 2nd closed candle).
    Candle with minimum body size 1: The user can configure how many pips should be the minimum body size of candle #1 (means the last closed candle).

Effective PinBar template customization:

    Maximum body%: With this parameter, you can adjust the maximum body% of the pin bar compared to the shadow size

Effectively customize the doji template:

      Maximum smaller body size: With this option, the user can adjust the maximum body size. We know that in a pure doji template, the body size should be 0, but maybe the user also wants to see a template with a maximum size of 10 points.

Customizing the symbol:

There is an input for 10 characters, the user can enter 10 different character names, the character names must match the characters of the market overview characters. if the user does not want to see all these 10 characters, they can configure how many of them should be displayed using the input parameter (Maximum character)

We have one column for each character in our scanner table.
Setting the time interval:

There are several time frame inputs, from M1 to MN, all valid time frames in the meta trader exist in the input settings, the user can enable or disable each of them and can enable or disable the warning message for each of them.

We have one row for each time interval in our scanner table.
Graphic Guide:

The indicator is designed in a separate window to avoid the cover, I have already used a good design and colors to make it more user-friendly.
Default color:

    Green: indicates a bullish signal
    Red: indicates a bearish signal.
    Dark gray: indicates a natural signal.

All colors and size are adjusted as you type, and the user can change them.
What is the improvement in the next version?

In the next version, I will add more Price Action models, the next updates will be free for those who bought older versions.
What is the tariff plan for this product?

    This product is released in the discount mode, the current price is $ 39, this price will remain at the first 50 demo downloads.
    The next price will be $ 69 and will last until the 100th demo download.
    The final price of this product is $ 99.

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** I don’t want to pay, I need free but quality products, how can I find products without koala?

Koala has several free products with high quality, all of these products are marked with the green koala logo, you can find them by clicking on the link below.



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