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Larry Williams Percent Range on Chart MT5


An unusual (visual) representation of the well-known WPR indicator. Instead of a basement, it is displayed on the chart as a channel and levels.

In the next version, the indicator will be added the ability to smooth its values using a moving average.

  • PeriodWPR – the period for calculating the percentage price channel
  • LevelUp – the value of the top level as a percentage (negative)
  • LevelDn – the value of the lower level as a percentage (negative)
  • Center – the value of the central level as a percentage (negative)
  • PeriodMA – the period of smoothing the values of the price channel
  • MethodMA-a method for smoothing the values of the price channel
  • SmoothCenter-indicates whether smoothing of the central line of the price channel is enabled
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