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Latency Arbitrage Indicator MT5


The Arbitrage indicator displays the Bid price of the current and all brokers connected to it from different MT4 and MT5 quote providers. It is an extension to the Latency Arbitrage MT5 Expert Advisor. The indicator can display up to 5 connected quotes at the same time, and is compatible with the MT4 version. Data is exchanged using a file.

MT4 version of the Latency Arbitrage Indicator MT4.

The indicator can be used to search for a fast / slow supplier of MT4/MT5 quotes.

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The indicator is installed simultaneously on several terminals on the same computer. To get quotes from the MT4 or MT5 version of the terminals, you must: specify the number of the connected trading account in the ACCOUNT_NUMBER field. The terminal with the connected trading account must be active and this indicator must be installed on it. If you did everything correctly, the indicator will start displaying the Bid prices of the current and all brokers connected to it. The quotes are displayed based on the symbol that the indicator itself is set to.

In some cases, the indicator needs to manually calibrate the data when the Bid price of the connected broker is higher or lower than the current price by several pips. To do this, in a calm market, when the price does not make sudden movements for 5-10 seconds, adjust the BID_CORRECTION parameter. If the price of the connected broker is higher, then set the values with the ” – ” sign and in increments of 1 pips, and if the price is lower, then you do not need to set the “-” sign. Calibration is performed in a terminal that accepts plug-in quotes from other brokers.

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  • SET_MILLISECOND – refresh rate, set in milliseconds;
  • ACCOUNT_NUMBER – the number of the connected trading account;
  • BID_CORRECTION-calibration of the Bid price of the connected broker, set in pips.


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