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Leo Trend is a signal indicator that shows on the chart in the form of arrows and lines the moments of entering the market, as well as the direction of the trend and flat. Leo Trend will be useful both for beginners who create a trading strategy, and for professionals to integrate into ready-made trading systems.

Leo Trend works without redrawing and without significant delays.

We have demonstrated how the indicator works in the video. In addition, you can test this indicator in the strategy tester absolutely free of charge. Leo Trend works equally both in the strategy tester and on real accounts.

  • does not redraw its signals.
  • practically does not lag with signals.
  • it works on all timeframes.
  • it works on all currency pairs.

An indispensable assistant who will give you hints when you need to enter and exit the market.

  • LongBit-the amplitude of calculating the price movement.
  • Feedback-calculation of the average price movement.
  • Step – the step of calculating the lag coefficient of the average.
  • Elongation – calculating the degree.
  • Seed – the step of calculating the degree.
  • Highs – mode of working on vertexes.
  • alertsOn – enables / disables alerts.
  • alertsOnCurrent-enables / disables alerts.
  • alertsMessage-enables / disables alerts.
  • alertsNotification-enables push notifications.
  • alertsSound – turns on the sound.
  • alertsEmail-enable email alerts.
  • arrowSize – the size of the signal arrows.
  • uparrowCode – the code of the arrow for the purchase.
  • dnarrowCode – the code of the arrow for sale.
  • ArrowsOnFirstBar – the arrows work with the last bar.
  • Infos-displays the logo and additional information on the screen.
  • bars – the number of bars on which the indicator will work.
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