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Levels Scalper Hedge


Scalper for accounts with hedging. This Expert Advisor implements a strategy of trading on the rebound from the support and resistance levels. The Levels indicator is taken as the basic idea. Using the settings of the internal indicator, you can set any base timeframe for calculating levels. The Expert Advisor is launched on small timeframes, PERIOD_M5 is recommended .

Trading is available both with the lot size set in the settings, and with a dynamically changing lot, depending on the settings of the cost engineering/money management (MM) parameters.):

The Expert Advisor has several built-in filters, two of which can be changed by the user.

The filter by trading time stops working in less stable-night time (in the basic settings, it is set to UTC 3);

The volatility filter allows operation at values higher than those set in the settings. 

The full version of the Levels Scalper Expert Advisor with netting accounting for orders is here.

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The free version of the Levels Scalper Free Expert Advisor with netting accounting for orders is here.

The Expert Advisor can be used on any currency pairs; to confirm the possible effectiveness, it is advisable to test and confirm or adjust the settings of the input parameters.

Input parameters:

Lot 0.01-setting a fixed lot size at the discretion of the trader. If the lot size is set to more than 0.0, the MM settings ( Leverage and Risk) are disabled.

 – Leverage 1: 500-the leverage is set based on the leverage represented by your broker. You can also set a lower leverage to reduce risks. Works at Lot = 0.0.

 – Risk 80% – the amount of risk is set based on the test results, taking into account your margin expectations.     But remember! the higher the risk, the greater the probability of losing the deposit. For example, in this case, the risk of 70% (with a leverage of 1:500) is the limit of holding the deposit, and the risk of 100% leads to the loss of the deposit. With a leverage of 1: 50, a greater risk is allowed (more than 100%). Works at Lot = 0.0.

 – Account base currency – the base currency of the account is set according to the deposit currency. In this version, USD (you can choose if the base currency of the account is EUR) and RUB are available.

TimeFrame PERIOD_M15 – the base timeframe for calculating levels. The base timeframe must be older than the timeframe on which the chart is open. Usually, PERIOD_M5 is suitable for displaying the graph.

Volatility Level 50 – the minimum amount of volatility on the base timeframe at which trading is allowed. It can take any positive values, the operating range is 10-800 pp.

Start of trading, hour

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