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LINE TRADER is a universal, semi-automatic Expert Advisor for trading vertical and horizontal levels.

The Expert Advisor actually consists of 4 buttons that draw lines and an information field that displays information about trading on the account and separately on the currency pair.

The Expert Advisor automatically works on any lines selected by the trader. The lines can be constructed at any convenient angle. You just need to draw a line:

OPEN – to open an order;

STOP – stop loss;

TAKE 2 – for full closing of the transaction;

TAKE1 – partial saving/closing of the order;

         The lines are drawn as standard and therefore can be in the form of a ray or a segment (to choose from).

This Expert Advisor is suitable for traders who use it in their trading:

– horizontal levels and their trading methods (breakdown, rebound, false breakdown);

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– patterns (triangles, channels, and more.);

– vertical (inclined, trending) levels;

– trading trend, breakdown or trend reversal (all types of levels);

– nested lines;

– any other types of trading in which a horizontal or oblique method of finding the entry point to the transaction is used. 


  • The Expert Advisor is simple and easy to understand;
  • Suitable for novice traders;
  • The Expert works on any financial instruments that are available in MetaTrader 5, including Forex, Crypto, CFD, Metals;
  • Special types of lot and stop loss types (in the settings);

Features of the LINE TRADER Expert Advisor

  • The ability to use it on any instruments and timeframes;
  • The ability to track open positions;
  • Advanced statistics on inputs
  • Notification functions with a message in the terminal, (Push notifications);

Basic Settings

  • The input line color is green (YellowGreen)by default;
  • The color of the stop-loss line is red by default (Tomato);
  • The color of the take profit line is red by default (DeepSkyBlue);
  • The color of the closing line is red (Orange )by default;
  • Entry method-choose the method of entering the transaction by ticks or closing the candle;
  • Exit method – choose the exit method from the transaction by ticks or closing the candle;
  • Lot type – choose the volume “fixed” or “risk per transaction”

           If “fixed” – then in the next column we select, for example, 0.1 lots;

           If the “risk on the transaction” – then in the next column we select, for example, 3 % of the deposit;

 Stop loss type – this parameter allows you to select the stop size based on 1 point, depending on the number of points to the direct location of the STOP line from the OPEN line,  

    this type of stop loss is “along the line”.

Also, the STOP line can be placed higher/lower than any local maximum/minimum, and when it intersects with the OPEN line, the stop size is automatically calculated from the maximum/minimum difference to the point

 intersections with OPEN, stop loss type “local maximum/minimum”

  • % closing on the line Take1-allows you to set the percentage of fixing a part of the profit, from the total size of the transaction, when crossing with the line Take 2 ;
  • Opening indent-setting the possible indent in pips, 0 is set by default;
  • Button text color – the ability to change the color of the main buttons by clicking on which you can draw lines) on the workspace (graph) to any other ;
  • Line Style – default line style Solid, but you can choose from several other options;
  • Line thickness-choosing the size of the thickness of the lines (which we draw) by default 1;
  • Ray to the right-select the type of line in the form of a ray, then the value is TRUE or the segment is FALSE;
  • Notification when crossing a line the ability to choose whether to notify or not using a pop-up window, or/and an audio message.

Information field Settings:

  • Show – whether or not to display the information panel. Takes the value True or False;
  • backgroundColor thebackground color of the information panel fill is selected.
  • textColor-select the text color, White is set by default ;
  • Font the font of the text;
  • Font size – the size of the tex font       
  • titleColor – the color that displays the name of the currency pair.

             Important notes

This Expert Advisor is simply not replaceable when trading levels in any configuration, when using most algorithms and strategies.

The Expert Advisor is very well compatible with other indicators, so in combination with them you can get positive statistics and a good profit . 



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