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Lock Profit EA – Forex Expert Advisors MT4


Ea with multi strategies,multi indicators, multi filters and new Lock Profit. Ea strategy consists of more than 15 strategies, and is also equipped with multi filters : MaxSpread, MaxLot and money management. 

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–  If your download EA Please reviews or comment for improvement,Thank’s.

–  You can backtest it on a demo, if you want please order the paid version

– Please note !!!

==>   that every forex broker has different spreads and each currency has a different character, so when doing a backtest on broker A it must be different from broker B. Please change the parameter settings until they are what you expect .. !!

The advantages of Ea Lock Profit are: 

1. Lock Profit EA can go against trends. When a trend reverses, this EA can change direction and can make a profit (A trend may imposible continue to move straight, there must be a reversal point)

2. When Ea open orders and are floating (more than 100 pips to 500 pips), with Lock Profit EA can close all positions with a profit

3. You can use a hedging strategy (true / false).

4. You can use the Martingale strategy (set 1 = Off).

5. With Ea Lock Profit, even if you float hundreds of PIPs, you can still profit if Target_lock_Profit is reached and will close all orders with Step_Lock_Profit, then Ea will start the order again.

6. Can be used in all currencies with spread <= 50 pips or Setting Maxspread >50 . Recommendations on the XAUUSD,EURUSD and GBPUSD currencies.

7. – Minimum deposit of 5000 USD (Standard Account with <= 0.1 lots), 500 USD (Standard Account with 0.01 lots).

– Minimum deposit 500 USD (Cent account with <= 0,1 lot), minimum deposit 50 USD (Cent account with 0,01 lots).

8. For best results use forward test, because the expert will restart lock profit if the server resets the profit history.

9. suitable for brokers who provide free VPS with terms < 5 lots / month.




1, EA_strategy=1. 1 Candle (C[1]>O[1]=BUY)

2. 2 Candle (C[1]>O[1]

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