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LogicalTraderEA is a hedging Expert Advisor that uses a grid recovery strategy.

LogicalTraderEA trades all types of symbols. It works most effectively on accounts with a high level of margin, which plays a huge role in any strategy. Withdrawal of funds from the account is considered as part of the strategy.

The Expert Advisor works on all timeframes without loss of efficiency, but it works most effectively on the H1 timeframe. By default, the optimal parameters are set according to the strategy.

The Expert Advisor was created taking into account trading on a real account and is characterized by high reliability.

The first 2 trades are opened when the resistance line is crossed up and the support line is crossed down on the timeframe on which this Expert Advisor is installed. If Fix Lot is not selected, the lot size in the trend direction will be larger.

The optimized trailing stop is disabled when a breakout is detected, which allows you to maximize profits. The aggressiveness will depend on the timeframe on which the EA is installed; the lower the value, the greater the aggressiveness.

The chart has a “Close All” button, with which you can close all trades opened by this Expert Advisor.

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Money management options:

The Expert Advisor automatically rejects orders if there are not enough available funds, or if the maximum number of open orders allowed by the broker is reached.

  • MoneyManagement – a type of money management (Fix lot, Lots Increment, Lot Sizing Increment).
  • StartingLot – the initial lot size.
  • Lot Sizing: 1lot for every__ – account balance for 1 lot.
  • *** Money Manager*** – Account balance filter settings.
  • Maximum Account Balance-the EA will not trade if the balance is higher than the specified value.
  • Minimum Account Balance-the EA will not trade if the balance is below the specified value.
  • Info Dashboard Settings – dashboard settings.
  • ShowDashboard – display the dashboard, true/false.
  • Profit Color – the color of the profit.
  • Loss Color – the color of the loss.
  • Text color – the color of the text.

Genesis Hafalla is a programmer who strives to create products for both MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5.


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