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  The indicator of the pattern No. 31 (“Long Island”) from the book by Thomas N. Bulkovsky “The Complete encyclopedia of graphical price models”.


  • Alerts-Enabling alerts when an arrow appears  
  • Push-Sending a Push notification when an arrow appears (configuration is required in the terminal)
  • GapSize – The minimum size of the gap in points
  • ArrowType-Icon: from 1 to 17
  • ArrowVShift – Vertical shift of icons 
  • ShowLevels – Show levels
  • ColUp – The color of the lines up
  • ColDn – The color of the lines down  
  • Auto5Digits-Automatic multiplication of GapSize by 10 when working on 5-and 3-digit quotes.
Note. Arrows appear on the forming bar, they may disappear as the bar is formed. Notifications (Alerts and Push) are issued for the generated bar.

There is no guarantee that the indicator recognizes the pattern exactly as the author of the book intended.

Parameters recommended for optimization: GapSize.

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