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Grid Expert Advisor without using indicators. When installed on the chart, the Expert Advisor immediately starts its work, depending on the settings, it can only work BUY, SELL or BUY and SELL at the same time. The Expert Advisor has a new cycle parameter, if you want to end the trade, set the NEW_CYCLE = false parameter, and the Expert Advisor will not open a new series of orders. each trade can have a stop loss, take profit and be accompanied by a trailing stop. It has filters for the spread, maximum lot, and number of orders. It can also work on time.

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  • NEW_CYCLE – new order opening cycle;
  • TRADE_DIRECTION – trading direction;
  • STEP_ORDERS – step between orders;
  • STEP_MULTIPLIER – step multiplier between orders;
  • MAX_STEP – maximum step;
  • MAX_ORDERS – maximum number of orders;
  • START_LOT – starting lot;
  • LOT_MULTIPLIER – lot multiplier
  • MAX_LOT – maximum lot;
  • STOPLOSS-stop loss;
  • TAKEPROFIT take profit;
  • TRAILING_STOP-the trailing stop step in pips that remains for the price move after the stop loss modification, set in points;
  • TRAILING_STEP – the size of the trailing stop in pips, by which the fixed profit will change, is set in points;
  • MAGIC_NUMBER – magic number;
  • ORDERS_COMMENT-comment on orders;
  • MAX_SLIPPAGE-filter by maximum slippage;
  • MAX_SPREAD-filter for the maximum spread;
  • COMMISSION_CONTROL-transaction commission filter;
  • COMMISSION_PER_LOT-commission for 1 lot;
  • SUNDAY_HOURS…SATURDAY_HOURS – working time, opening of a new order cycle. if = “00:00-00: 00” it is not used;
  • SHOW_INFO – show information;
  • LANGUAGE – information output language;
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