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Loss Recovery Trader Premium


Premium version of the Loss Recovery Trader Expert Advisor with a significant number of additions.

  • entry_trend_score: Value from 0 to 100. The parameter determines the required minimum trend strength (Trend estimate) for opening a trade.
  • entry_extreme_score: Value from -100 to 0. The parameter determines the required minimum value of the Extreme rating for opening a trade. Specify a negative value.
  • Seek confirmation (true/false): If true, the Expert Advisor will search for two consecutive candles in the direction of the trend before opening a trade.
  • counter_trend_trades : If true, sell trades will be opened when the symbol is overbought, and buy trades will be opened when the symbol is oversold, regardless of the trend estimate.
  • minpipmove: The minimum distance in one direction, in pips, that the symbol must travel to open a trade.
  • trend_timframe: The timeframe for calculating the Trend Score Trend Score.
  • extreme_timframe: The timeframe for calculating the Extreme Score.
  • confirmation_candles_timframe: Timeframe for calculating the search for confirming candles.
  • rerun_minutes: The frequency of recalculation of Trend/Extreme estimates in minutes.

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2) Entering the market using the Double Trader Strategy

  • MagicBuy: The magic number for purchase transactions.
  • MagicSell: The magic number for sales transactions.

The magic numbers for buying and selling should be different. They should also be different from other magic numbers of the adviser.

  • Second_Trade_TP: After exiting the first trade with a profit, you can change (reduce) the take profit of the second one in order to avoid potential losses.
  • Use_Extreme_Filter: Cancel trading if the market is overbought/oversold (optional).
  • Extreme_Limit: The overbought/oversold level (from 0 to 100), at which the Expert Advisor stops trading.
  • DTrader_extreme_timframe: The timeframe for calculating the Extreme Score score.

3) Multi-currency risk management

If the parameters specified below are exceeded, the Expert Advisor does not open new initial transactions if trading is conducted on several pairs.

  • Max Pairs: The maximum number of different symbols with active trades.
  • Max Trades For Single Currency: The maximum number of active trades per symbol.
  • Max Exposure For Single Currency: The maximum size of active trades for one symbol in lots.
  • Max Floating Loss: The maximum allowed size of the floating loss (indicated by a negative value).

4) Two-step recovery area

The recovery area changes after a certain number of transactions. This is done to stop the recovery by reducing the area. Also, the area can be increased to reduce the risk (in lots), if the recovery has not yet been achieved.

  • Change_trade_no: The number of transactions after which the recovery area changes.
  • newRecoveryZoneRangePips: The interval of the new recovery zone.
  • newRecoveryZoneExitPips: Exit from the new recovery zone (in pips).

5) Trailing profit during recovery

The trailing stop is based on a floating profit, allowing you to avoid a reversal against your position and opening new deals.

  • profit_trailing_trade_start: The number of transactions after which trailing can be used.
  • profit_trailing_amount_start: The profit, upon reaching which the trailing is activated.
  • profit_trailing_amount_step: If the maximum profit is reduced by the specified value, the transactions are closed.

6) Advanced statistics and reports on reverse testing

  • The Expert Advisor generates reports and displays advanced statistics on the performance and distribution of transactions. Use the distribution of trades to optimize the number of trades, not just limited to profit and drawdown data.

7) Planned customization options

It is planned to introduce a unique customization code. When it is introduced, the appropriate customization actions will be performed. The settings will be managed from an external file.


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