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LossLess MA Advanced


The Expert Advisor’s trading strategy is based on the price crossing the moving average. The algorithm includes the following functions:

  • trailing the stop loss order when the specified profit is reached;
  • change in the position volume depending on the balance change;
  • sitting out unprofitable trades;
  • closing unidirectional break-even trades;
  • limit loss on open trades;
  • flat filter.


  • Take profit-the size of the take profit order;
  • Stop loss – the size of the stop loss order;
  • Start trailing if profit > (pips) – trawl the stop loss order if the profit on the position is greater than the set value, if 0-the trawl is disabled;
  • Start with lot – the initial volume of the position, increases in proportion to the change in the balance;
  • MA – the period of averaging the moving average;
  • MA Shift-the offset of the moving average relative to the current bar, can not be less than zero;
  • Bars amount-flat filter, the number of bars below/above the MA line;
  • Close losses-close unprofitable trades, yes/no. If “no”, then when the reverse signal appears, the take profit of the previous losing trade will be transferred to the opening price of the trade – to breakeven, and if the previous trade is profitable, it will be closed;
  • … maximum deals – the maximum allowed number of non-closed unprofitable trades. Trades will be opened using reverse signals until this limit is reached.;
  • Close deals if total loss > ( % ) > – close all open trades if the loss on them is greater than the specified one.
  • Close couple orders by breakeven-close unidirectional trades at breakeven, yes/no;
  • Slippage (in pips) – acceptable amount of slippage when opening a trade;
  • Magic number – the magic number of transactions.

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The expert Advisor was tested on the history in the interval from May 1 to October 1, 2016, all ticks, M30. The test results are shown in the figures.


For the EURUSD M30 pair, the stop loss order is trailed, losses are not closed –


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