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Lot Lines Calculator


Most professional traders declare strict compliance with risk management.

This simple tool is designed to quickly calculate the lot size in order to trade in accordance with the following basic risk management rules:

Since it is always difficult for beginners to calculate the lot of a transaction from a risky amount, this indicator was developed.

The indicator represents two lines with blocks of necessary information, the blue line is needed to set the order opening price on the chart, and the red line is needed to set the stop loss price. The distance between the lines in points and the lot size are automatically calculated depending on the set risk percentage. The lines are moved with the mouse, which is very convenient. The indicator has a switch that fixes the set stop loss and calculates the risk depending on the distance. There is a button for deleting lines. It is also possible to add several pairs of lines.

When the indicator starts, the “Lots” button appears on the chart, when you click on it, the possibility of drawing lines on the chart to calculate the lot size is activated. Using the mouse, you select a place on the chart to place lines, and when you click the left mouse button on the charts, two lines with an information panel are created.

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Using the mouse, you can capture the line between the panels and drag it to the desired location on the chart, while automatically recalculating the lot size or the risk size.

The indicator has additional parameters that are located in the properties table.

  • Pos_X and Pos_Y – the position of the “Lots” button.
  • Distance between lines – the distance between the lines.
  • Size of the trend line – the size of the trend line.
  • Trendline color – the color of the trend line.
  • Price tag size – the size of the price tag.
  • The amount of risk from the deposit, % – the percentage of risk, the actual amount of risk is calculated from the available funds of the deposit.


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