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The Lots Risk Sizer indicator will help you quickly determine the volume of a position in lots

There are only two parameters in the indicator:
Risk – the amount of risk in the account currency (USD, eur, etc.).Only an integer is entered
Lots-risk in lots

The indicator has been tested and is working:
on Volatility Indices – at the Binary/Deriv broker
on Forex and Crypto, on SP500 indices, etc. – from any broker

The volume of the position is determined using the Rectangle tool. The lower and upper borders of the rectangle are the distance for determining the risk, and the spread is added to the calculations

The indicator will read the risk value for the rectangle that has markers or in another way – the rectangle should be highlighted. Therefore, if you have several rectangles on the graph, make sure that they do not have markers or delete them (for more information, see the screenshots)

The indicator provides a warning about going beyond the min/max allowable value of lots (for more information, see the screenshots)

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