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MA Alignment Scanner


This indicator scans and displays currency pairs that have recently aligned moving averages on a given timeframe. You can configure which pairs the indicator will scan. It also includes all types of alert options.

Bullish MA Alignment =  MA1>MA2>MA3>MA4>MA5
Bearish MA Alignment =  MA1<><><><>


  • Attach to one chart and scans all the currency pairs configured and visible in the Market Watch Window
  • It can monitor all the available timeframes from M1 to MN1 and sends alerts on every timeframe’s candle close when there is an alignment or crossover of Moving Averages
  • Display all currency pairs that have recently started a Bullish or Bearish Moving Average alignment or crossover
  • Support for all Moving Average types
  • Support for all types of notifications


  • SymbolPrefix: If broker has prefix for its currency pairs, you can put it here
  • SymbolSuffix: If broker has suffix for its currency pairs, you can put it here
  • Symbols: All symbols (comma separated) that you want the scanner to monitor. Make sure that all the symbols that you want to be monitored is also present in the Market Watch Window
  • TimeFrame: Timeframe of the want the scanner to monitor
  • NumberOfMAsToUse: Number of MAs the indicator will monitor. Minimum value is 2 and Maximum value is 5. If value is 2, you are basically monitoring a moving average crossover. If value is 3 or more, you are waiting for the alignment of all the moving averages to be MA1>MA2>MA3 or MA1<><>
  • MA_Shift: Shift of the Moving Averages
  • MA_Applied_Price: Applied Price of the Moving Averages
  • MA1_Period: Period of the 1st Moving Average
  • MA1_Method: Method of the 1st Moving Average
  • MA2_Period: Period of the 2nd Moving Average
  • MA2_Method: Method of the 2nd Moving Average
  • MA3_Period: Period of the 3rd Moving Average
  • MA3_Method: Method of the 3rd Moving Average
  • MA4_Period: Period of the 4th Moving Average
  • MA4_Method: Method of the 4th Moving Average
  • MA5_Period: Period of the 5th Moving Average
  • MA5_Method: Method of the 5th Moving Average
  • Shift: Index of the value taken from the indicator buffer (shift relative to the current bar the given amount of periods ago).
  • ShowArrows: Show an a bullish or bearish arrow below or above the candle where the crossover or alignment happened
  • DisplayAlerts: Display pop-up alerts
  • EmailAlerts: Send email alerts
  • PushAlerts: Send push alerts
  • SoundAlerts: Enable sound alerts
  • SoundFile: Sound file that will be used by SoundAlert


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