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a non-standard approach to the standard moving average indicator. The essence of the indicator is to determine the strength and speed of the price direction by determining the angle of inclination of the moving average. the point on the fifteenth candle MA and the point on the last closed candle MA are taken, a straight line is drawn between them, it is movable and on the hemisphere shows the angle of inclination from 90 degrees to -90. above 30 degrees is the buying zone, below -30 degrees is the selling zone. above 60 degrees, the zone of strong purchases is below -60 strong sales. The indicator is an excellent addition for any trading systems as a filter can be used as the main tool for new trading systems since it separately shows a stable growth on the history in the strategy testers. all the numbers given above are fitting indicator contains the following settings: StartBar (the number of candles from the most recent to determine the length of the speedometer arrow); MAPeriod (MA period); maPrice; maMethod; notification (sound, mail, push) and also in a separate window you can see the history in the form of a line moving between the levels of 90 and -90 (please keep in mind that this window with the line does not show overbought and oversold).

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the indicator is very practical to use and worthy of attention. in case of purchase, please write to the PM for further support. in the case of a full purchase, the gift is attached

there is also a version for MT5: Profile Seller


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