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MA Super Trend

An indicator based on the average maximum and minimum of a candle period, and next to the average true range (ATR) result in a powerful visual
work tool to optimize the trend zones and potential areas of market entry.

With great adaptability in any type of financial asset and with a potential for visual simplification in the graph, which will make the graph a
simple work table. Accompanied by sound notifications, direct messages and enabled emails for an efficient trading experience.

An indicator created to measure:

– For MT4 desktop platform.

– Great for Day trading, Swing Trading and Scalping.

– Alert signals for desk, mobile and email.

– Works in any temporality and in any pair.

– Perfect tool for new operators and experienced operators.

– Simple configuration of parameters.

Input parameters

Period: number of candles needed to perform the average.

Multiplied: multiplier of the average true range.

Signal up: activation of bullish signals.

Signal down: activation of bearish signals.

alertsOn: activation of general alerts.

alertsOnCurrent: activation of the signal in the candle 0 (true) or in the candle 1 (false).

alertsMessage: activation of the signal by direct messages to the mobile previously configured on the MT4 platform.

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alertsSound: activation of sound in the signal.

alertsEmail: activation of the email signal previously configured on the MT4 platform.


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