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MACD MTF Signal is an indicator for recognizing a trend reversal in any market. It is calculated using the MACD histogram, which is obtained from the difference between the MACD and the signal line.

The strength of the MACD MTF Signal is the ability to see more timeframes at the same time, if they are older than the timeframe of the current chart.

Thus, it is possible to determine the convergence of growth or decline on several timeframes, which means a strong push in any direction.

Another feature is the ability to predict trend reversals and micro-trends.

  • FastMAPeriod, SlowMAPeriod, and SignalMAPeriod: periods of fast, slow, and signal moving averages. By default – 12, 26, 9.
  • Show TF1 – TF5: Display timeframes TF1 – TF5, True/False.
  • TF – TF5: time frames, from 1 minute to 1 month.
  • Color up and down for each timeframe.

The attached screenshots show additional information. Please contact me if you have any questions.

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