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Here is a professional trading system with 9 MACD indicators, the analysis of which is taken from all timeframes (M1 M5 M15 M30 H1 H4 D1 W1 MN) of the current currency pair! You can fully control the trading process and indicator settings, enable and disable indicator readings from certain timeframes, as well as set the closing of orders when the MACD signal changes on any or any timeframe you choose! The Expert Advisor has complex mechanisms that allow you to monitor your profit and exit the drawdown if the signals were false! The robot can trade on several pairs at the same time (multi-currency trading) and has many useful settings, which makes it a real professional in its field and gives you the opportunity to build the tactics you need from it!

Basic settings)

  • Language INFO – The language of the information displayed on the screen (Russian/English).
  • Auto Lot – Automatic lot (0.01 to the value specified in the graph).
  • Lot-Lot (this option does not work for auto lot).
  • Martingale – How much to multiply the lot with martingale.
  • Stop Loss – Stop loss.
  • Take Profit – Take profit.
  • Trailing Stop – Trailing stop.
  • Trailing Step – The trailing stop step from the current price.
  • Max Spread – The maximum spread (if the value is 0, any spread is used)
  • Filter New Bar-Trade only at the beginning of the bar.
  • Revers – Reversal of signals.
  • CLOSE SIGNAL-Close orders when the signal changes.

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Settings of indicators)

  • To use MACD M1 signal – Whether to take into account the signal from M1 to open an order.
  • Closing on MACD signal – Whether to take into account the signal from M1 to close the order.
  • Period of fast average – Fast EMA.
  • Period of slow average – Slow EMA.
  • Period signal line – MACD SMA.
  • Price type-Apply to (prices).
  • Shift – The Offset.
  • Next are the indicators for all other timeframes with the same settings!
  • Time settings)
  • Monday – Monday (enable / disable trading on Monday).
  • Hour start – The start hour.
  • Minute start – The minute of the start.
  • Hour stop – Stop hour.
  • Minute stop – The minute of the stop.
  • Then there are similar settings for each day of the week.

Additional settings)

  • Magic number – Magic number.
  • Color buy – The color of buy orders.
  • Color sell – The color of the sell orders.
  • Info-Information output (enable/disable).
  • Text color – The color of the main text.
  • Font – The Font.
  • Text Profit color – The color of the text when making a profit.
  • Text Loss color – The color of the text when the drawdown occurs.
  • Deposit currency – The currency of the deposit.


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