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Marcus (market customization) = market customization in three ways in one indicator. The product is a universal trading tool from professional traders that allows you to visualize interesting market situations. A preview of the current situation is made using the price action and the general mood in the market. The indicator contains three tools that allow you to assess the market situation and predict the subsequent movement. Finally, you will see what the big market makers see.

The indicator allows you to see important support and resistance levels, as well as the appearance of large players on the market.

The indicator works on all timeframes. The screenshots show the operation of the indicator and the market entries. Marcus contains the basic settings. Note: the more bars used for the calculation, the slower the program can run.

  • 123Gap=true-display this indicator
  • MaxBarsGab=500-indicator 123Gap 500 bars ago
  • HighColor-intense color 123Gap
  • LowColor – non-intense color 123Gap
  • minGap=20-display the 123Gap indicator only with a size greater than 20 points (2 pips)
  • PivotHighLow=true-display this indicator
  • MaxBarsPivot=500-PivotHigh/Low indicator 500 bars ago
  • HighColor-Intense Pivot color
  • LowColor – Non-intense Pivot color
  • LineWidth=2 – line width 2
  • Initial Balance=true-display this indicator (IB)

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  • Daily IB=true-display the daily IB
  • Daily IB color – the color of the daily IB
  • Daily IB width=1 – the width of the daily IB 1
  • Weekly IB=true-display weekly IB
  • Weekly IB color – the color of the weekly IB
  • Weekly IB width=1 – width of weekly IB 1
  • Monthly IB=true-display monthly IB
  • Monthly IB color – the color of the monthly IB
  • Monthly IB width=2 – width of the monthly IB 2
  • Fibo Info-leave as default
  • Fibo 1-9-Strong Support/Resistance Level


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