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Marker Bands Pro MT5


We are glad to introduce you to our new indicator. We have perfected this indicator to make it more profitable and successful than any other.  Marker Brands Pro is created by using an exclusive algorithm to indicate you (Buy ➚ ➘ Sell) in an accurate way all the possibles reversals within a normalized trending bands.  It also indicates you “the golden trade” a term created to indicate a very profitable operation.

? The main goal? for this algorithm is to achieve huge profitable movements and aggressive retracement.

THE  G✪LDEN TRADE is the perfect order: For those orders that had the perfect entry price. They were ALWAYS in profit, or the final profits are much higher than the possible losses. Through the settings you can select different parameters (proportions) of golden trade production.

 The trading system is suitable for experienced traders and beginners.

 The signals can be used for manual trading (short-term or long-term trading), scalping or binaries.

                                                     >>>> Simple to Use, Better Value

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