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Market Scanner Elite


Market Scanner Elite is a new generation of Market Scanner indicators. The Elite version has an improved market analysis algorithm that better detects entry points and filters out false signals. This development is very different from the Market Scanner indicator by the logic of market analysis and calculation of effective entry points. This indicator can not be called a big brother, it is a completely new product with an innovative analysis algorithm.

Once installed on the chart, this indicator determines the current market situation, analyzes the price movement using innovative complex market analysis algorithms and shows the trader the most effective points for opening positions.

This indicator will be useful in the arsenal of any trader: both novice and professional. It is enough to see it on the chart, and you will already visually understand how to interpret its signals. You just need to wait for the signals and open trades in the direction indicated by the indicator. The same goes for closing orders.

  • Periods – the period of the indicator;
  • Delay – shift of the calculation along the graph axis;
  • Step-the value of the comparison of the market situation;
  • bars – the number of bars on which the indicator will be displayed on the chart;
  • Sensitivity-Sending Email and Push notifications;
  • Information_panel-displays the information panel.

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  • When the blue dot appears, we open a buy order. If a sell order is open at this moment, we close it;
  • When the red dot appears, we open a sell order. If a buy order is open at this moment, we close it.

  • Does not redraw its signals;
  • Works without delay on candles;
  • Equipped with a completely new market analysis algorithm;
  • Very easy to set up and use.


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