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Market Trending plus Alert by RunwiseFX


It also includes a bonus in the form of indicators of the current spread and prices of supply and demand in large text with a color change when the price changes.

The input should be made when the indicator line is above the level of 100, that is, it is not yellow, but the vertical bars of the histogram on the chart are the same color. The bars of the histogram appear when the direction is confirmed. Purple indicates a confirmed direction, but a weak trend. Green signals indicate buy/long, and red signals indicate sell/short. Do not open a trade when there are no bars.

An early entry can be considered if there is a green/red histogram bar, but the indicator line remains yellow, or if the histogram bar is purple, but the indicator line is above the level of 100, that is, green/red.

The alert is activated using a check mark on the chart. By default, the check mark is placed in the lower-left corner of the chart. The alert will trigger when the market moves from a flat to a trend. The panel displays the number of pips since the alert was triggered. The indicator can notify you with a pop-up message, playing an audio wav file, an email message, or a push notification.

The bonus spread indicator shows the current spread, the color of which may change if the spread value is too high. The current bid/ask price is also shown in large text. The price that goes up is colored green; the price that goes down is colored red, and the price that does not change is shown in yellow. The indicators are optional, fully configurable.

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  • Main_alertOnDefault – if true, the alert of the working indicator is enabled by default
  • Main_alertShowPriceLine-if true, show the horizontal line of the alert trigger price
  • Main_alertLineStyle – the style of the horizontal price line
  • Main_alertThreshold – the value of the indicator when the alert is triggered. By default – 100 (the transition to the trend is confirmed)
  • Main_histogramThreshold – the indicator value when the histogram appears. By default – 90 (it is possible to switch to the trend)
  • Col_alertSell – color of the line when the alert is for sale
  • Col_alertBuy – color of the line at the purchase alert
  • Box_corner – the angle of the notification control panel. By default, the lower-left corner
  • Box_X – X-coordinate of the control panel location
  • Box_Y – Y-coordinate of the control panel location
  • Gen_GUIFontSize – font size for the label on the control panel
  • Gen_GUIFont-name of the font for the control panel
  • Gen_lineLabelFontSize – font size of the text label on the horizontal price lines
  • Gen_alertPopUp – if true, a pop-up notification will be displayed (the notification entry will appear in the log)
  • Gen_alertSound – if true, the audio file will be played
  • Gen_alertSoundWavFile – the name of the wav file. You need to specify if Gen_alertSound = true
  • Gen_alertMail – if true, the notification will be sent by email in accordance with the settings of your MetaTrader terminal
  • Gen_alertNotification – if true, push notifications will be sent to you in accordance with the settings of your MetaTrader terminal
  • Gen_colorLabel-colors for placemarks on the panel
  • Gen_colorSell – Common colors for sell signals
  • Gen_colorBuy – common colors for buy signals
  • Gen_colorSellBuy – common colors for switching between buying/selling
  • Gen_askBidPricesShow – if true, the chart will display information about the ask/bid price
  • Gen_askBidPricesCorner-the angle of the chart where the ask/bid price information will be displayed
  • Gen_askBidPricesX-X coordinate of the ask/bid price information
  • Gen_askBidPricesY – Y coordinate of the ask/bid price information
  • Gen_askBidPricesSizeAsk-font size for the ask price
  • Gen_askBidPricesSizeBid-font size for the bid price
  • Gen_spreadShow – if true, the current spread is displayed
  • Gen_spreadCorner – the angle of the spread display on the chart

This indicator, like others, can be easily converted into an Expert Advisor using our Panel plus Configurable Automation product:


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