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MarketStateIndicator analyzes the stock market and determines the current state of the market based on the data obtained. As practice shows, the price goes in the direction where there is money!

Note: The demo version can only be run on the Euro-Russian Ruble Eu (FORTS) futures.
  • In the OFFER state, the price usually increases.
  • In the state of DEMAND (DEMAND) – falls.
  • In the BALANCE state, the price behaves indefinitely.
Note: Since the MarketStateIndicator analyzes the glass, it is intended only for stock markets. Developed and tested on the FORTS market.
  • SizeOffer-supply value / CountOffer-shows how long SizeOffer prevails over SizeDemand
  • SizeDemand-demand value / CountDemand-shows how long SizeDemand prevails over SizeOffer

  • Number_Go_State (The value of the counter for changing the state) – the value of the CountOffer or CountDemand, when reached, the state changes.
  • Coefficient of unbalance – how many times the value of SizeOffer should differ from SizeDemand in order to change the CountOffer or CountDemand, respectively.
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