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The Expert Advisor is based on simple math. The Expert Advisor puts 2 multidirectional orders, afterward, wherever the cost goes, it ends up one purchase is always from the plus, the second in the minus. If we average it, then on the opposite price movement (just a few spreads), the paychecks orders are closed and only the profitable one remains! it is thanks to its profit that the trade is carried out. obviously, the averaging rankings themselves also add to the profit piggy bank at the expense of MinProfit, particularly if you utilize rebyte programs to reunite the spread.

Additionally, the Expert Advisor provides a filter for MA, but I usually disable it. The easiest way to understand the work of the Expert Advisor is to put it in a tester with visualization and look at its work at a low speed. I think even a beginner will not be difficult to do this.


  • TF – timeframe of candlesticks for determining the trend direction, set in minutes 1 5 15 30 60 240 …
  • minStep – the minimum step between orders (in terminals with 5 and 3-digit quotes increases by 10 times)
  • Lot-lot if=0, the lot will be calculated as a percentage of the free funds at risk %
  • risk – percentage of available funds
  • K_Martin – multiplication of subsequent lots (you can set 1 to disable the lot increase and not load the deposit)
  • MA-filter by MA (orders are placed based on MA if the price is higher than MA, then only buy and vice versa 0-disable the filter)
  • Magic – the unique order number of this Expert Advisor
  • DrawInfo-displaying information on the screen
  • DigitsLot-rounding of order lots 1-tenths (0.1) 2 hundredths (0.01)
  • slippage – slippage
  • MinProfit – minimum profit in points for closing all averaging orders
  • Set2 – if true, then immediately place a pair of orders without a signal, if false, then wait for the candle to close above / below the previous one

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30 April 2015


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