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There are often trading situations in which this potency of this motion and this probability of its continuation depends on one or more candlesticks. This expert Advisor
examines candles, determines the potency of the movement and the quantity. concessions when there’s a high probability of continuation of the trend,
formed a little sooner. it has the ability to utilize lots of procedures to analyze the strength of movement on candlesticks. perhaps
use both 1 last shut candle and several (countcandlesinrow) to enter a trade. It has many settings for
analysis of candlesticks and opening trades. It can calculate take profit and stop loss dynamically. It can trade on many currency pairs and
timeframes (for more stable trades, it is better to use timeframes from H1).

  • Lots – lot size;
  • Percentage of free money – a percentage of the available funds for the opening of each new transaction (if Lots=0, then lot
    will be calculated from the percentage of free funds in the account), recommended 1-10;
  • minprofitforautoclose – the minimum profit in an open trade for automatic closing at the reverse signal (0 – not
    close trades with a reverse signal);
  • Max spread – the maximum spread for opening a trade (for accounts with a floating spread, so that the trade is opened when
    the spread is not too large);
  • Magic-a unique identifier (you need to make it different if several Expert Advisors are running in the same terminal);
  • StopLoss-stop loss (in points), in a dynamic task, it can be less than;
  • TakeProfit – take profit (in points), with a dynamic task, it can be less;
  • trailingstopvalue – value of a simple trailing stop (0 – do not use);
  • Factor dynamic TakeProfit-dynamic take profit coefficient (0 – do not use);
  • Factor dynamic StopLoss – dynamic stop loss coefficient (0 – do not use);
  • powercandlesmethod – methods for calculating candle strength;
  • minimumstrengthforallmethods – minimum signal strength (number of signals) when all calculation methods are enabled
  • candlesfactor-coefficient for calculating the strength of candles (recommended from 0.5 to 5);
  • countcandles – the number of candlesticks to calculate and find the average length (recommended from 10 to 100);
  • countcandlesinrow – the number of candles in a row, where each new one is stronger than the previous one (recommended from 1 to 5);
  • Count volume candles – number of candles for calculating volumes (recommended from 5 to 100);
  • candlesvolumeaverage-enable calculation of the average volume value;
  • CandlesVolumeFactor – coefficient for calculating the volumes of candles;
  • adxforstrengthpower – period of the ADX indicator for correction of coefficients candlesfactor (0 – do not use);
  • adxperiodforcalculations – ADX indicator period for signal strength calculations;
  • minadxlevel – the minimum required level of the ADX indicator for opening trades;
  • minhighlow – minimum length (except for the following parameter) of the last closed candle to open a trade;
  • minhlfactorforadx-coefficient for calculating the minimum candle length depending on ADX (0 – not used);
  • Hour start place orders – the hour in server time from which to start trading;
  • Hour stop place orders – the hour in server time when to stop opening new trades;
  • fastoptimizationparameter – parameter for fast optimization of the Expert Advisor. The higher the value, the faster the optimization, but
    the quality of trading is worse. For real trading, it is better to set values of no more than 1;
  • cnthoursforverificationorder – the number of hours for at least 1 transaction to be made during the test (for
    test and optimization, 0-off);
  • profittolossratio – profit to loss ratio (for tests, cnthoursforverificationorder must be
    enabled, 0 – disabled);
  • maxallowableloss – maximum number of losses (for tests, 0-disabled);
  • inclotafterprofit-increase the lot after the profitable closing of the previous trade;
  • declotafterloss-reduce the lot after the loss-making closing of the previous trade;
  • maxlossescount – the maximum number of unprofitable trades after which to stop trading (0 – not specified);
  • commenttoorders-comment on opening trades;
  • showinformation – show information and colors of candlesticks (true-show, false-do not show).

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Lobo10135 January 19, 2021 10:37 am

It doesn`t work. I tested that ea three months.