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Max ScalperSpeed MT5


Max ScalperSpeed MT5  is a fully automated pro advisor. This system has been developed to improve the efficiency of generating more yields. depended on scalping trading strategies and recovery strategies with proper trading frequencies, and also able to work well in most market conditions, whether fad or , able to exchange whole time in all conditions. Enable or disable information filtering according to user needs. Added the function of automatic risk management management parameters, which users can choose to adjust the risk settings up to four levels. including setting internal factors to encourage future account expansion.

This EA has passed 14 years back test of real tick data (2007-2020) 

This EA has passed 14 years back test of real tick data (2007-2020) 

Max ScalperSpeed MT4 : https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/41341

Max ScalperSpeed MT5 : https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/54084

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  • Timeframe: M15
  • Currency pairs: EURUSD
  • Use 4 or 5-digit accounts
  • Minimum deposit: $ 500
  • It is recommended to use a low spread ECN Broker, 1:500 leverage   
  • Using real tick data in backtest with 99% modeling quality

  • MagicNumber – magic number to set the ID for each EA
  • Lot_MM – set as ” Auto Lot Increase or Fixed Lot Increase “
  • Initial_Lot – initial lot size 
  • Risk – proportional lot sizing, based on the risk setting chosen: it makes a risk setting of 1 trade 0.01 lots per 1K in equity, a risk setting of 2 trade 0.02 lots per 1K in equity, a risk setting of 2 would trade 0.2 lots on a 10K account
  • Gap – gap distance in pips
  • MaxOrders – maximum orders on both the buy or sell side
  • Multiplier – lot size multiplier, Multiplier = 1.0 up,  recommended = 2.0     
  • Profits_MM – Auto / Target, {Auto = automatic profit, Target =  target profit} 
  • Target – target profit 
  • DDCloseAll – enable drawdown percent close, set true or false
  • DDPercent – set the percentage to cut loss, % drawdown 
  • MaxSpread – maximum allowable spread 
  • MaxSlippage – maximum allowable slippage  
  • MinBars – minimum bars required
  • Start_Hour – set time to start hour 
  • Start_Min – set time to start minute 
  • End_Hour – set time to end hour 
  • End_Min – set time to end minute
  • BrokerGMTOffset – Your Broker GMT Offset, When back-testing your EA, set “BrokerGMTOffset” to zero. When you run your EA live, make sure the GMT Offset parameter is correct for your broker’s time.
  • TradeMonday_Mode – set ON/OFF for Monday trading
  • AfterHourMonday – after hours Monday start
  • TradeFriday_Mode – set ON/OFF for Friday trading
  • AfterHourFriday – after hours Friday close
  • CloseAllFriday – close all orders on Friday 
  • UseNewsFilters – set true or false for News Filtering Function
  • StopBeforeNews – set minutes for Stop Before News
  • StopAfterNews – set minutes for Stop After News
  • CloseAllOrdersBeforeNews – set true or false for Close All Orders Before News
  • DrawNewsLines – set true or false for drawing the news lines
  • color_line – Line color
  • style_line – Line drawing style 


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