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The trading signals provided by the Maxim-KR (Key Reverse) indicator arise from a combination of time-tested methods of technical analysis, which provides Forex traders with advantages when performing trades against the trend with ALL G10 currency pairs. Maxim Counter Trend is designed as an MT4 indicator and uses the following techniques:

  • Volume Spread Analysis (VSA).
  • Relative Strength Index (RSI).
  • The intersection of exponential moving averages (EMA).

The intersection of exponential moving averages (EMA).

The indicator displays three types of U-turns (see the screenshot), using the mentioned technical analysis methods. Trading signals are used according to simple trading rules (specified in the reference guide), which provides the trader, i.e. you, with highly probable trade entries, a management system and profit goals.

Maxim Key Reversal works well with Maxim Counter Trend and / or Maxim Market Mover for full coverage.

Let the Maxim Key Reversal indicator do all the hard work of scanning the G10 markets.

  • Buy/Sell signals.
  • Alerts and trading rules.
  • Reference Manual (pdf file in English) – contains more examples and details. Instructions are provided at the end of the video.

Both the full and demo versions of Maxim Counter Trend and Maxim Market Mover are available for rent and purchase.

Important Note: MAXIM Key Reversal requires a lot of computing power. Before setting it to a 1-hour chart, set the maximum number of bars on the chart to 5000. In the control panel, select “Tools” – “Settings”. In the window that opens, go to the “Charts” tab and set the “Max. bars in the window” to 5000. 5000 bars is approximately equal to the price data for 2/3 years. If there are an excessive number of bars on the chart, the indicator will consume a lot of power and memory.

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14 December 2015


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