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MAXIMUS FX is a totally automated Forex trading robot, designed to work in EURUSD and USDCHF currency pairs, simultaneously. It uses an innovative strategy, based on own indicators which calculates the correlation between EUR and CHF. Each entry point is defined using advanced filters, developed specifically for this robot. When trading starts, new orders can be added, with purpose to increase profit. In addition, there is an algorithm that monitors market conditions, judging whether the set value is the most appropriate. 


  • COMMENT: name that will appear in the history of operations.
  • MAGIC NUMBER: number that identifies the robot’s operations. Cannot be the same as the magic number of another robot that is being used on the same platform.
  • MODE: |Regular| the robot will be abble to open up to 11 orders in each of the two pairs it trades. |Aggressive| up to 21 orders can be opened in each pair.
  • LOT TYPE: |Fixed| choosing this option, you can set a fixed lot value for orders, in the field bellow, described as LOT VALUE. |Balance| choosing this option, the robot will multiply the defined lot in “Lot Value” for every 1.000 USD balance. In other words, if the defined lot is 0.01 and the account balance is 2.000 USD, the robot will open orders of lot 0.02.
  • STOP LOSS %: in this field you will be abble to define which percentage of the balance do you want to risk. If the value is 0, the robot will understand as 100% of the balance. 

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