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This Expert Advisor is built on the ForexGlaz indicator, it is a very powerful indicator, but it does not require any settings. The Expert Advisor trades on a breakout or rebound from the levels and only with pending orders. Mega Glaz almost does not need to be configured, there are 6 switches in the settings, which in a certain combination (for each instrument in different ways) can improve the result, but will not worsen it in any way. It is almost impossible to optimize Mega Glaz in the strategy tester (due to the very low speed of operation in the strategy tester, this is due to the indicator that is sewn into it), and this is not necessary, it is enough to run it once at any interval to make sure that it does not need optimization.

The minimum recommended deposit is $ 100, EUR/USD currency pair, period m1.

Demo of a real account under the control of this Expert Advisor here

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  • Lots – Order lot
  • UseGrid – use / do not use the order grid
  • OrderStopEnable – enable / disable deferred usage Stop orders
  • OrderLimitEnable – enable / disable the use of pending Limit orders
  • UseSmartTP – use / not use smart take profit
  • OpenSameTypeOrder – open / do not open orders of the same type
  • UseTrend – consider / ignore the trend
  • TrendUp-the strength of the bullish trend on the Forex Glaz indicator
  • TrendLow-the strength of the bearish trend on the Forex Glaz indicator
  • Multiplier-Martingale multiplier
  • Enable_Save_Deposit-enabling deposit protection against drawdown
  • Percent-fixing losses in case of drawdown as a percentage of the deposit
  • StopTrading-true, stops the Expert Advisor when the Percent values are reached
  • Slippage – slippage
  • Spread – the spread at which the Expert Advisor will work
  • Magic – magic number
  • Comment – comment for orders
  • StartHour – trading start time
  • EndHour – trading end time
  • FridayTradeOff-true stops trading on Friday, false all parameters in the FridayOff section will become inactive
  • HourEndFriday – time to stop trading on Friday
  • CloseAllOrdersInFriday – if true and FridayTradeOff = true, then all open orders will be closed at the set time on Friday, if false, and FridayTradeOff = true, then a new series of orders will not open
  • MondayTradeOn-will start trading on Monday at the specified time (HourStartMonday – the start time of trading on Monday)
  • HourStartMonday – trading start time on Monday
  • LarryWilliamsMethod use the money management method (if = true, the value of the Lots parameter is ignored)
  • Lwriskrisk percentage, recommended from 5% to 20%
  • Lwpart the part of the deposit for which the lot will be calculated

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