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  This trading robot analyzes market conditions in detail in the current time and in the recent past. It uses advanced
methods of measuring volatility and spread. At the right time, it places several pending orders in the trend

with short expiration. Every
trade is secured by a small StopLoss. Lowest fees and slippage ensure best results. The distance of pending order and StopLoss distance must
not be limited by the broker!


  • Magic – EA
    identification number
  • Comment – Text
    commentary for trade
  • FixedLot – The
    size of the trade in lots
  • Risk  – Automatic
    calculation of trade size
  • MaxSpread – Maximum
    allowed spread size when placing an order
  • Trade_distance – Distance
    of pending order
  • TriggerValue – Market
    analysis trigger value
  • TrailingSL_start – SL
    starts to move from this profit
  • TrailingSL_distance – SL
    moves at this distance from the price
  • SL – StopLoss in points

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