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Modified Accelerator Oscillator


The main functions of the indicator are the definition and marking on the histogram of the Accelerator Oscillator indicator of trading signals described by Bill Williams in the book “New dimensions in Stock trading”. Namely:

The indicator has a signal block that informs the trader in any convenient form about the fact of the formation of a trading signal.

The indicator is part of the integrated trading complex for the strategies “Trading Chaos second edition” and “New dimensions in stock trading”. The indicator is a component of the template and is recommended for use with the following software products:

  • Trading Chaos Expert 
  • Trading Chaos Chart
  • New Trading Dimensions Chart
  • Modified Awesome Oscillator
  • Recognizer 1 2 3 Patterns
  • WavesMaker
  • Spread and swap monitor
  • Virtual pending sell stop order (simplified version of the Trading Chaos Expert)
  • Virtual pending buy stop order (simplified version of the Trading Chaos Expert)
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