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Money Hunter (hunter for money) – quite an interesting trading adviser. Like a hunter, he tracks down the right moments to open positions in the Forex market.

The best results are shown by the Expert Advisor on the M1 timeframe with a leverage of 1:500. These parameters were used by default in the history testing. When testing on the history of different brokers, the results may differ.

Do not expect the same large profit when using the Expert Advisor on a real account. The shorter the delay time, the better the Expert Advisor works, although it is not high-frequency.

  • MaximumRisk: 0.1618. The role of this parameter is the same as that of the standard moving average on MQL5 (MQL5 MA). You can adjust this setting based on your experience.
  • OpenSensitivity: 3.14 (3 ~ 8). The lower the value, the easier it is to open a position, but the higher the risks. The higher the value, the more difficult it is to open a position, but also the more profitable it can be.

Adjust these parameters for each of the currency pairs used according to your experience.

The source code can be sold separately.

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