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money Mind (BTC)

this Expert Advisor Money Mind (BTC) is a EA that adjusts under a mathematical evaluation into the tendency that the BTC is presenting with respect to the dollar, discovers the retracement in the price to enter in buy or sell, based on the fad. Money Mind (BTC) will always seek to make its operations in favour of the tendency and adjusting the volume of every purchase to decrease the risk.

A great advantage of Money Mind (BTC) is that its ready to be used without needing to configure any parameters. The minimum initial balance to function with Money Mind (BTC) is $ 75, with a leverage greater than 1: 500, and strictly to be used in the BTCUSD pair with 1H timeframe.


• Pair: BTCUSD

• Timeframe: 1H

• Leverage: 1: 500 or higher

• Minimum deposit: $ 75

Tags: Bitcoin, bitcoins, crypto currency, dollar, trading.

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