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each morning, the Morning Fenix Expert Advisor assesses the chosen instrument based on the pre-trading nature of the motion and determines the feasibility of entering a trade, filtering poor times with a intricate algorithm based on price channels and areas of accumulation-distribution of trading volumes of previous days. The Expert Advisor closes 60-70% of require Profit transactions. To improve the results, the writer’s approach to money management is used. The effectiveness of the approach is shown by period and a comprehensive evaluation of the markets in background. The Expert Advisor reveals the best efficiency and the best margin of safety, working on several trading instruments at once. Thus, a synergistic effect is achieved, which gives an adequate profit and low risks. I bring to your attention the results of the Expert Advisor’s trading on a real account: and

Trading Advisor  Morning Fenix is not overloaded with input parameters, which proves its ease of use. At the same time, its unique algorithm demonstrates fast operation, and the Expert Advisor itself shows the best results on the H1 timeframe. It does not overload the trading server and does not throw dozens of orders on the market, it just waits for its time and enters only on those days that perfectly match its analysis.


Only one market position and one pending order can be opened on one instrument at a time, which allows the Expert Advisor to be used on several recommended instruments at the same time. Recommended currency pairs:  EUR/USD, GBP/USD, AUD/USD, USD/JPY. These are good trending low-risk currency pairs in the Majors section with a small spread. These pairs are used for trading in our dealing room and we can recommend them to you, other currency pairs and other financial instruments can be selected by you yourself. Also, for the Expert Advisor to work effectively, you need to set its time parameters in the GMT 2 format.

It is recommended to run the Expert Advisor on the Instant Execution order type and the H1 timeframe. The recommended initial lot is 0.01 with a balance of $ 1500, for every next$ 1500 it can be increased by 0.01. When trading on several instruments at once, you can start working with a smaller deposit, for example, for 4 recommended currency pairs on one account, you can start with a deposit of $ 4000. Your broker’s spreads and commissions do not play a big role.

Input parameters

A) The main parameters of the Expert Advisor (Main parameters):

  • Lot – the volume in the transaction, the trading lot.
  • zazor-the tolerance for placing pending orders relative to the market price.
  • Range the percentage of the average price movement over a certain period of time.
  • Magic-the ID of the EA’s orders when working on several instruments at the same time.
  • Turnover – the coefficient of overturns.

C) Pre-trade time parameters (Morning range):

  • hour_begin the start time of the market analysis, hours.
  • hour_end time of completion of the market analysis, hours.

C) Parameters of the trading time (Work time):

  • hour_open the start time of placing orders in the market, hours.
  • hour_quit time of completion of placing orders in the market, hours.

C) Parameters of the trading time (Work time):

  • hour_open the start time of placing orders in the market, hours.
  • hour_quit time of completion of placing orders in the market, hours.

Recommended parameters (time interval H1, server time GMT 2, lot specified for $ 1500 balance)

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