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Moving Average Angle 13 types


MA Angle 13 types-an index that shows information about the angle of inclination of the MA line onto the display.

It allows you to choose the way of calculating the MA. You can also choose the length, cost and number of pubs for the lean angle is calculated. in addition, the factorvisual parameter controls the display of the angle of inclination of the MA line on the display. The angle is calculated along the tangent line (price change per minute).

You can pick up to 13 types of MA: 9 regular in MetaTrader 5 (SMA, EMA, SMMA, LWMA, DEMA, TEMA, Frama, VIDYA, AMA) and 4 non-standard (LRMA, HMA, JMA, SAYS), developed by MYKOLA KOZITSYNYM (Godzilla), which can be found on the Internet (e.g., LRMA).

  • Method MA-select the type of moving average to display on the current chart.
  • Period MA – number of bars for calculating the moving average.
  • Period signal – the period of averaging the signal.
  • Applied Price-select the price type (Close, High, Low…).
  • timeframe – the MA timeframe.
  • No candles for calculation – the touch angle is calculated as the price change per minute.
  • Visual factor – displays numeric data on the chart when the user zooms in on the chart.

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  • Assessment of the strength of the trend for risk management.
  • The definition of a trend change.


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