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Moving Average Cloud


The Moving Average Cloud (MAC) detects the trend and helps you trade on it. The idea behind the indicator can be described in the following steps:

  • Use the MAC clouds as filters to determine the direction of the trend.
  • Trade using your usual trading tools only in the direction of the MAC clouds to eliminate false signals.
  • The entry arrows show you the appropriate points to enter the market according to the trend.

  • Display of MAC clouds and signals.
  • The MAC cloud is colored depending on the trend direction.
  • The Buy and Sell arrows show trend signals.
  • Sound alerts and notifications by e-mail.
  • Customizable appearance.

  • Fast_MA – the period of the fast moving average of the envelope.
  • Slow_MA – the period of the slow moving average of the envelope.
  • MA_Method-select the moving average method to calculate.
  • Show_Cloud – show / hide cloud settings.
  • Show_Signal – show / hide arrow parameters.
  • Breakout_Filter – the number of bars. If the last completed candle on the chart forms a breakout, a signal arrow appears with an alert and a message.
  • Alerts – enable / disable audio alerts and messages.

I hope the MAC will be useful to you.

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