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An Expert Advisor designed specifically to trade as multi-timeframe trend EA and Price breakout EA.

According to the “Trend Follow” strategy, this EA works, which means following a multi-timeframes trend analysis with Trend screener Indicator and trading the trend breakout identified by the Support and Resistance indicator.

 The robot trades on H4 GOLD. Just put it on this currency pair and time frame.

 NOT grid.

 NOT martingale

Tested on REAL ticks.

MAGIC_NUMBER: is a special number that the EA assigns to track its orders

SLIPPAGE: maximum price deviation to open order

INITIAL_LOT_SIZE: start lot.

TAKE_PROFIT_ORDER: Takeprofit per order.

STOPLOSS_ORDER : Stoploss per order.

LOT_MULTIPLIER: lot multiplier for the following losing orders.

HOUR_TO_START_TRADING: an hour to start trading.

MINUTE_TO_START_TRADING: minute to start trading.

HOUR_TO_STOP_TRADING: an hour to end trading.

MINUTE_TO_STOP_TRADING: minute to end trading.

Risk-Ratio : 1:1 ( Stoploss = 50 pips / Takeprofit = 50 pips )

Safe money management with lot multiplier combined with low stoploss.

Safe trading during the trend consolidation phase.

Multi-timeframes trend analysis.

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Support and Resistance Breakout.

If you have some questions or if you need help :

1. Contact me via Private Message.

2. Email me: [email protected]

3. Via telegram chat:

Risk warning: Past performance is no guarantee of future results.


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